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New Black Wallstreet is a movement! This is a solution for ALL of us , please read the Go Fund Me and share & DONATE! we need your support



Dark MatterNewspaper


     Dark Matter Newspaper is a collaboration of brilliant minds that have come together to bring you the best of the Black Community. Our goal is to have a positive media outlet that can help the black community be empowered economically, educationally, spiritually, and with healthwise. Dark Matter Newspaper will be print and digital.


Based on the state of Black Economics, Education and Social Dynamics, I have come to the state of having this righteous rage. In having such, I want to change the way we view ourselves, how we empower ourselves and make our own change. I want to document this entire journey through videography, photography, blogging and interviews. We also plan to travel state to state, sharing our  knowledge, light, love and resources. I will need your help in this worldly endeavor. Establishing and registering Dark Matter Think Tank as a non-profit entity with the State and Federal authorities. This will enable us to make all donations tax deductible to our supporters. In Specific, your donations will be paying for travel expenses and engagement fees for experts on self-love, history, fitness, nutrition, economics, image consulting, natural hair care, natural beauty alternatives, small business, wellness, agriculture, and much, much more! We have a lot of amazing people in mind but we can't have them come and not pay them! We respect everyone's time and talent and want to make sure we come correct. Establishing a business directory to help increase traffic to small businesses owned and operated by the descendants of the African Diaspora. We understand the importance of our communities having a sound economic foundation and we are here to help all the small businesses in our network get more exposure and consumer support. Organizing and hosting family friendly events where we can get together with like-minded people, create vending opportunities for the companies in our business directories, and nurture a tight-knit community.



All proceeds are going to support this movement. 

Please feel free to reach out to me at any time, with any specific questions.


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